Entry #3

Alex From Target is the most stupidest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. What has humanity come to?

2015-01-03 17:43:20 by XXXDUDEXXXXFOREVER

Who else agrees? 


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2015-01-03 17:45:50

Well what is your reason to say that?


Crazy how somebody with no talent or skill can get famous. Some work incredibly hard to make it somewhere, and others get stupid fan girls to publicize them, stop giving this guy attention. He did nothing. It's like the Kardashians. They're a bunch of talent-less hags who have "everything" and posses no talent or skills. 


2015-01-03 22:54:52

I'll have to agree w/ you on that, my dream job is to be able to have YouTube & Twitch as a full-time job, which is very possible during my adulthood at least w/ all of todays YouTubers not going to be around when I am 20. But, still. I love entertaining & entertainment itself.


I checked out your page, I watched one of your animated movies. You did great on it.


2015-01-04 00:44:07

Thank-you. Hopefully that Alex from Target shit ends.