Movies are now more important than games on NG

2014-11-01 09:49:42 by XXXDUDEXXXXFOREVER

Who else feels like movies are taking over games on NG?


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2014-11-01 10:02:22

Completely agree. At least in the sense that the best content coming through the portal is animation. We rarely see a top notch game these days.


I'm glad you agree with my opinion.


2014-11-01 10:19:27

The movie and audio portal are probably the two best things about this website, in my opinion.


2014-11-01 11:04:33

In my opinion, it's because is focusing on animating, and that's why games are the minor, check out Madness Day 2014 section and you will know what I'm talking about.


2014-11-01 11:21:18

I kind of like the movie aspect better than the games here on Newgrounds because I feel as if people put a lot more effort into movies than games (Which is horrible considering how many shitty movies i've seen)

But i'm a writer and I like to write whatever so I can't really base my opinion on anything because i'm in neutral territory. However, I prefer movies myself over games (On Newgrounds).


Thanks for your response, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


2014-11-01 11:32:40

me. and angry about it.


2014-11-01 16:44:43

Well, in my opinion movies has always been over games on this site. The site was originally made for movies, and the movies on newgrounds is the one thing that makes it special. There's alot of places for people to play games like kongregate or miniclip, but newgrounds is pretty much the only major site dedicated to flash animations. Thus the flash animations is what makes the site special IMO.


Great response.